No reason to be lost in the sauce! These helpful links will help you get all your ducks in a row for CABDA!

Exhibitor Resource Center

Your company's personalized Exhibitor Dashboard has the most complete list of resources. But answers to our Exhibitors' most frequent questions can also be found below.

Where can I find  your Exhibitor Contract Terms and Conditions?

Contract terms can be accessed on the last page of our registration form, on your exhibitor dashboard, or by clicking on the links below. 

2024 CABDA West Exhibitor Contract - CLICK HERE

2024 CABDA Midwest Exhibitor Contract - CLICK HERE

2024 CABDA East Exhibitor Contract - CLICK HERE


Where Can I Find The Exhibitor Kit and Order Forms? 

All order forms for freight/furniture/electrical etc, can be found on your Exhibitor Dashboard. Or since you're already can access them below:

Dates: Wednesday and Thursday, January 10 & 11 (Load-in Takes Place on Tuesday Jan 9th) 
Location: Ontario Convention Center
Decorator Services: Source One Events
Decorator Contact: Dan Weitendorf,  [email protected] 
M: 708-749-8495 | O: 708.344.4111 ext: 119

Download WEST Exhibitor Kit

Dates: Wednesday and Thursday, February 7 & 8 (Load-in Takes Place on Tuesday Feb 6th)
Location: Schaumburg Convention Center 
Decorator Services: Source One Events
Decorator Contact: Dan Weitendorf, [email protected]
M: 708-749-8495 | O: 708.344.4111 ext: 119

Download MIDWEST Exhibitor Kit

Midwest Load In Instructions
Dates: Wednesday and Thursday, March 6 & 7 (Load-in Takes Place on Tuesday  March 7th)
Location: Meadowlands Expo Center
Decorator Services: SMG Expo Services
Decorator Contact: Frank Dominici, 201-330-8227 Ext. 311 · [email protected]

Download EAST Exhibitor Kit 

EAST Load In Instructions

Where Can I Find Floorplans for the CABDA Shows?

Floorplans and Exhibitor Lists are not finalized until about a month prior to the events. Some companies take longer to set up their online profile...Probably because they're so busy taking care of bike shops!  

Our Floorplans can be found here.

CABDA West Floorplan

CABDA Midwest Floorplan

CABDA East Floorplan

Where Can I Book Hotel Rooms? 

Doubletree Hotel Ontario - CLICK HERE

Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel - CLICK HERE

Courtyard by Marriott Secaucus Meadowlands  - CLICK HERE

What is the cut-off date for Exhibitor Registration/Ads/Sponsorships?

As long as we have space available, we will do out best to accommodate late changes to the floorplan (booth names, location, and sizes). However, the printed materials we distribute to attendees take a while to produce.

Our print deadline for our show programs and most of our sponsorship materials is two weeks before showtime. Exhibitors that sign up after the print deadline will be listed digitally (Show App, Website, Virtual Floorplans) 

A few of our marketing options (lanyards, show bags, etc) have longer lead times. Please contact show management with any particular cutoff questions.

Where Can I Find a Copy of CABDA's W-9?


What is CABDA's Mailing Address?

6464 North Central Avenue
Chicago, IL 60646